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What is Thought Field Therapy?

When we think of therapy, we associate it with a long drawn out process which is carried out over an amount of time to assist us in getting rid of, adjusting to or just being able to cope with issues from major psychological traumas to small irrational phobias.

When therapy is introduced to help us with any issues we expect it to take some time without knowing how effective it is even going to be. This is where Thought Field Therapy (TFT) is different. It is a treatment for psychological disturbances which following a code that when applied to a psychological problem a person is focusing on will eliminate the mental disquiet, disturbance, or agitation. In effect it works instantly to alleviate the negative emotions associated with whatever the problem may be and unlike any placebo, even not believing in the treatment will not prevent it from working.

The therapy works by addressing specific energy meridian points on the body in a precise and defined sequence. By just simply tapping with your fingers on these meridian points in these precise and defined sequences known as algorithms, you can almost definitely correct whatever psychological problem you have. There are of course different algorithms for different problems but you can be sure that whatever the problem is it can be alleviated, and that the negativity from it will be gone.

This method was discovered in 1981, by Dr. Roger Callahan, an American psychologist. Now it’s being used by many prominent psychologists and therapists all over the world. It has been demonstrated on many TV shows. Virgin Atlantic uses it in their client program “Flying Without Fear”. Whoopi Goldberg was one of the people who had her fear alleviated, courtesy Of Virgin Atlantic and Sir Richard Branson.

Being one of the top Psychotherapists in the UK and known all over the world, Paul McKenna even with his vast collection of techniques now uses TFT in his work with clients and his many books. He has shown his confidence in TFT, using it with cases that were allegedly impossible in both of his Sky One TV series "Paul McKenna Will Make You Thin" and "I Can Change Your Life". Paul McKenna is just one of many therapists who use TFT effectively to treat psychological issues. 

How TFT Can Help You in Learning to Drive?

TFT can help you in many different ways in your everyday life so of course it can be a massive help when learning to drive, passing your driving test and even getting rid of any fears or phobias which are associated with driving.

In my experience as a driving instructor I have found a lot of top students can learn and pass their driving tests with very few issues from start to finish. They have no worries, want to drive, are very quick learners and become good drivers. But even these students will never have nerves of steel all the time and come a driving test, may get anxious with butterflies in their stomach. This is where TFT comes in. The nerves associated with sitting a test come from the worry of not passing it, the negativity that is associated with failure may cause a person to worry, even someone who is excellent at something can experience these emotions. With TFT, the process described above, the student will be asked to think about these emotions and the anxiety caused by them, then by tapping out the correct algorithm these emotions will most of the time just simply disappear. They will no longer feel the negative energy associated with failing and will go into the test feeling confident, without that fear and anxiety.

Many experienced drivers, even after many years on the road, may have developed driving fears due to accidents or incidents that have shaken their confidence making them unable to face the faster roads, even to the point of not being able to drive on them affecting the jobs and livelihood. With TFT they will tap out the appropriate algorithm as in the above process, those fears will be alleviated and they can then go about rebuilding their driving skills.

TFT works in many different circumstances where an emotional issue prevents somebody from reaching their full driving potential, be it an experienced driver or learner. The important thing is that these fears are not allowed to affect us and be hindrances when driving and learning to drive. As a qualified TFT therapist I can use TFT accompanying your tuition, helping you overcome any issues and anxieties so that you can progress with confidence into learning, passing your test and becoming an excellent safe driver.

I have found TFT to be an amazing tool to help people learn to drive, but I have also helped others to overcome fear of water, darkness, heights, dogs, ghosts! And fear of school exams!

All my Learner students have an option to use TFT in their lessons in relation to the driving test fear, free of charge as a part of their training.

If you are NOT a learner driver but have fears, phobias, anxieties or PTSD of any kind that you would like to alleviate in an instant, please get in touch for further info. Let us use "the power therapy for the 21st Century" to rebuild confidence.

The last crimes of 20th Century and dark ages with the help from the time of enlightened and 21st Century cure...


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Carolle Jean-Murat, MD
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Dr. Carolle
Carolle Jean-Murat, MD
Angels for Haiti Project
Earthquake Disaster Fundraising Coordinator Haiti
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